May 23, 2024

"Angela has been an awesome pet sitter for our pack of 3 dogs and 2 cats! She understands the unique needs of each animal and truly loves each one. Even our semi-feral kitty who hides from most people responded beautifully to her and became her best buddy. Angela is the most responsible and kind pet sitter we have hired. "
April 12, 2024

"Angela took care of my snake, isopods, and feral kitties for me while we were out of the country. I was SO impressed with her kindness, communication, and above-and-beyond service. I was immediately happy when she came in for the preliminary visit and spoke kindly to my snake and bugs--most people say awful things about them or to them, and it made my heart happy to know she cared. The communication and thoroughness through the entire care period was incredible, and I was very impressed at how seriously she takes her work and the health, safety, and happiness of her customer's pets. I also really liked that she requested a visit before the care period to get to know the home, pets, and care requirements. She was also able to do some house-sitting duties for us, which was so incredibly helpful. She sent me photos every time she visited while we were away and gave me full updates on everyone. I was very nervous to leave all my pets behind, but she put my mind at ease! She also did reiki on my snake, Sorin. She's a ball python. I can tell a distinct difference before and after the session. Previously, my snake was very defensive and frightened; she came from a rescue, and the previous owners did not take good care of her. I had not been able to make much progress with her fear. She would shy away from people, hiss, and curl up into a ball whenever interacted with. Now, she is much more relaxed and does not show the same defensive patterns as before. She only hisses if surprised, and lets you pick her up easily and enjoys time outside. She does not ball up anymore. She was even able to meet three new people and let them touch her; the first time I introduced her to people outside of the family, before the reiki, she recoiled strongly and immediately tried to hide. Now, she can hang out around my friend's neck and is very relaxed. I did not change any husbandry or habits before and after Angela's visit; I cannot think of any other reason for the change in behavior other than the effectiveness of Angela's treatment. We are looking forward to having her petsit for us again soon!!"
March 26, 2024

"Angela is amazing. She took perfect care of my fur babies while we were on vacation. Her attention to detail and her love for my babies were so appreciated."
February 7, 2024

"Angela watched my two dogs over the Christmas holiday and was absolutely amazing with them! You can tell she genuinely loves animals and I felt completely comfortable trusting her with my fur babies. She is very communicative, sending many photos and updates, and my dogs absolutely loved her. I will definitely use Angela for all of my future trips and pup sitting needs!"
January 28, 2024

"I cannot say enough good things about Angela and HoundsAbout Town. I used her services when I went out of town for a few days. She came to my house twice before I left to get familiar with my "aloof" dog. Her love for animals is apparent immediately. She came to my house 3 times a day while I was gone and sent me detailed reports, with pictures, after each visit. It was so comforting to know that my elderly dog was in such capable and loving hands. Needless to say, my dog loved her. I swear she missed her when I got home. I will use Angela's services, without hesitation, any time I have to leave my dog. I highly recommend her and Hounds About Town."
Hound About Town